Pay My Dues

Click Here to Pay Your Union Dues

Note: The online system only accepts monthly dues payments for current members. New members must contact our office to pay any initiation. 


As part of your membership with the laborers, you are required to pay quarterly dues. Laborers Local One is able to take a number of different forms of payment that include cash, check or credit card.

You must be up to date on your dues to attend monthly union meetings or to be on the out of work list. 

You have the option to pay for the year, multiple quarters or simply pay your dues each quarter. If you do not pay your dues each quarter you are at risk of readmission fees and suspension from the union. 

Jan/Feb/Mar - $120
Apr/May/June - $120
July/Aug/Sept - $120
Oct/Nov/Dec - $120
Yearly Total - $480