In Memory of President Frank A. Damato

February 17, 2022 - Action

Brothers and Sisters,

Today we remember our beloved Laborers' Local One President Frank A.
Damato. It has been one year today since he passed. Our love for him and memories
are still fresh in our minds. Our hearts still are sore from the loss.

Frank was a leader. His experience and intuition were unmatched. Each day it
was about listening to the members and contractors so that we could all come together.
He wanted us all to benefit from this type of unity. Frank was like that. He could make
a friend in any room, in any place, at any time. Enough cannot be said about how good
of a local president that makes you.

Whether you were covered in concrete from the workday or custom fit into a
suit from your campaign fundraiser, Frank was the equalizer. You would get the
attention you needed, and Frank would be the solution maker. That's the type of
leadership we needed in a day when we are so polarized. Such a unifying force is so
dearly missed.

Laborers' Local One has also renamed its scholarship fund to the Frank A
Damato Scholarship Fund. You can find details about it at our website, app and social
media. Created in remembrance of Brother Frank Damato, the mission of the Frank A
Damato Scholarship Fund is to assist the new generation of leaders through
scholarship opportunities.

Please take a moment to reflect on our beloved brother. Remember you can
take the time in your life to be a good listener. You can take the time to treat your
fellow neighbors equally. Be like Frank, the effort is worth building the bridge, not
burning it.

Fraternally Yours,
Laborers' Local One Executive Board